This is a place for our personal Baduk 'Tweets'
Here we collect games which contain moves that strike us as special or that we especially like. Games with hidden gems in them.

Attach for eyeshape
Huang Longshi 9d vs. Zhu Sisheng 9d

Move 32: solid shape. Move 76: attach for eyeshape.     View move 32

Attack a surrounded komoku
Park Cheongsang 9p vs. Yun Junsang 4p

Moves 158 and 160: How to attack a surrounded komoku     View move 158

Miai submarine 3
Zhu Sisheng 9d vs. Huang Longshi 9d

Move 97: Miai Submarine attack #three     View move 97

2 2 for life
Hu Yaoyu 8p vs. Lee Yeongkyu 9p

Move 79: two-two point for life!     View move 79

Endgame tesuji kim sung rae
Kim Seongrae 2p vs. Yoo Jaeseong 2p

Move 177: Endgame tesuji by our teacher Kim Sung-rae     View move 177

Zhou Hexi 4d vs. Peng Liyao 5d

160 and 162: White cuts of the big black group in great style     View move 160

Magic in the corner
Lee Changho 9p vs. Xie He 7p

Move 119: There is magic in the corner     View move 119

Blocking from the wrong side
Iyama Yuuta 9p vs. Yamashita Keigo 9p

Move 9, WHAT? Blocking from the wrong side? Another one I was told to absolutely NEVER play.     View move 9

Screen shot 2012 11 09 at 11.04.30 am
Lee Sedol 9d vs. Yun Junsang 9d

Move 12: In modern go everything seems possible!     View move 12

Screen shot 2012 11 08 at 8.34.25 am
Mi Yuting 4d vs. Peng Quan 7d

Move 14: I was always told it was a deadly sin to play like this, strengthening black.     View move 14

Screen shot 2012 10 31 at 12.23.12 pm
Cho Riyu 8d vs. Cho Chikun 25th Honinbo

Move 82: Don't extend too far when your opponent has strenght nearby.     View move 82

Lian Xiao 4d vs. Xie He 9d

Move 69: Tesuji for capturing important cutting stones     View move 69

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