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Here we collect games which contain moves that strike us as special or that we especially like. Games with hidden gems in them.

Pro tsumego
Yu Bin 9p vs. Tang Weixing 3p

Another pro-tsumego. Move 88: white secures his group at the bottom. But his group at the right side is vulnerable. Can you find the vital point?     View move 88

White to kill
Park Yeonghun 9p vs. Park Seunghwa 5p

After move 115 it's white's turn. He can kill the small bottom black group (which consists of six/seven stones). How?     View move 115

Dancing in the corner
Peng Liyao 5p vs. Hong Seongji 8p

Moves 129 and 130: dancing in the corner. Also memorable: moves 173 and 193     View move 129

Endgame tesuji
Ishida Yoshio 9p vs. Arimura Hiroshi 8p

Endgame tesuji. Move 190     View move 190

Ryu Shikun 9p vs. Ishida Atsushi 9p

Move 20: Tigersmouth, modern joseki     View move 20

Fighting style
Shi Yue 5p vs. Park Seunghwa 4p

Move 18, fighting style     View move 18

Zhang Li 6p vs. Lee Yeongkyu 9p

Tesuji! Move 128. Also appreciate the crazy shape of move 23.     View move 128

Tesuji for life
Yu Zhiying 2p vs. Park Yeonghun 9p

Moves 65 and 73: Deep invasion and tesuji for life     View move 65

Preparing for the kill
Fan Yunruo 3p vs. Kim Junghyun 3p

Move 66: Deep reading, preparing for the kill     View move 66

Nie Weiping 9p vs. Tong Yulin 4p

Same endgame twice! Moves 123 and 189     View move 123

Endgame learning point
Choi Cheolhan 9p vs. Kim Seongjae 4p

Endgame learning point: Move 134     View move 134

Luo Xihe 9p vs. Paek Hongseok 9p

Shape! Move 90     View move 90

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