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Here we collect games which contain moves that strike us as special or that we especially like. Games with hidden gems in them.

Wedge three
Huang Longshi 9p vs. Lou Ziheng 9p

Move 134: Wedge tesuji! Preparation started with move 126.     View move 134

Chen Seuyen 9p vs. Lin Shuyang 7p

Move 139: Careful reduction / reinforcement of the corner. When the opponent is strong in the vicinity, play safe and solid!     View move 139

Shape destruction
Michael Redmond 9p vs. Cho Chikun 9p

Shape destruction. Move 55 aims at the follow-up of 57!     View move 55

Reason to play go
Huang Longshi 9p vs. Xu Xingyou 6p

From the same game. Move 130: magnificent tesuji, a reason to play go.     View move 130

Huang Longshi 9p vs. Xu Xingyou 6p

Move 61: Stunning shape point     View move 61

Awaji Shuzo 9p vs. Mizokami Tomochika 8p

Move 78 followed by 80: deadly combination.     View move 78

Crazy invasion
Kim Hyeongwoo 6p vs. Kim Jiseok 8p

Move 56: Crazy invasion followed by a nice shape (82)     View move 56

Base robbing
Yun Junsang 9p vs. Weon Seongjin 9p

Beautiful fighting game. Move 108: Base robbing tesuji that turns the game into whites favour.     View move 108

Final blow
Shi Yue 5p vs. Niu Yutian 7p

Move 201: The final blow (shape)     View move 201

Miai submarine
Xie Erhao 1p vs. Yamashita Keigo 9p

Move 147: Miai submarine attack     View move 147

Reduce it
Nakamura Shinya 9p vs. Cho Sonjin 9p

Move 27-28: How to reduce black's moyo?     View move 27

Fighting spirit
Shao Weigang 9p vs. Peng Liyao 2p

Fighting spirit: never resign! Move 67 kills the huge white dragon. But white wins the game. Moves 148, 182 and 186 show strong willpower.     View move 67

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