This is a place for our personal Baduk 'Tweets'
Here we collect games which contain moves that strike us as special or that we especially like. Games with hidden gems in them.

Uchida Shuhei 7p vs. Yoshihara Yukari 5p

Move 162 prepares for 168: Master kill! Also watchable as a video:     View move 162

Takagawa Shukaku 8p vs. Yamabe Toshiro 8p

Move 105, one of the more common techniques, turns out very nicely here.     View move 105

Kim Hyelim 2p vs. Kim Hyeongwan 6p

Move 25: even strong groups can be tesuji'd     View move 25

Pan Fei 5p vs. Yan Huan 5p

Move 126: Local tesuji that has a global impact: suddenly the upper right corner comes to life!     View move 126

Choi Cheolhan 9d vs. Qiu Jun 8d

Move 38, beautiful answer to blacks peep at move 37!     View move 38

Mao Ruilong 4p vs. Liu Xing 7p

Move 52: shape!     View move 52

Zhou Donghou 9p vs. Huang Longshi 9p

Move 118. A tesuji to create miai: cut the right side and connect, or create a base at the top.     View move 118

Shape tesuji 2
Zhou Donghou 9p vs. Huang Longshi 9p

Move 186: Shape tesuji     View move 186

Huang Longshi 9p vs. Zhou Donghou 9p

Move 3! Miai submarine attack #two. Move 54 followed by 56: classic tesujis.     View move 3

Yun Junsang 9p vs. Lee Sedol 9p

Move 31: Fuseki learning point. Don't always jump, play hane!     View move 31

Kim Hyeoimin 6p vs. Choi Jeong 2p

There is magic on the second line. Move 72: Wedge number three. Followed up by 74, blacks stones are captured.     View move 72

Wedge two
Chen Seuyen 9p vs. Lin Zhihan 9p

Move 84: Another wedge tesuji. This time from a recent game. Pushing through on the third line instead looks tempting: but it's bad.     View move 84

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