This is a place for our personal Baduk 'Tweets'
Here we collect games which contain moves that strike us as special or that we especially like. Games with hidden gems in them.

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Shi Yue 6d vs. Park Junghwan 9d

Move 27 Tjaack!     View move 27

Wang Yuanjun 7d vs. Lin Lixiang 6d

Move 91, miai for killing!     View move 91

Iyama Yuta 9p vs. Ida Atsushi 8p

Move 85 is an amazing placement to kill a white group, a huge battle follows.     View move 85

An Sungjoon 5d vs. Kim Sungjin 2d

Move 65: Black goes for the kill and an exciting fight follows.     View move 65

Yang Dingxin 3d vs. Choi Cheolhan 9d

Move 122, is this a great tesuji or a time-suji? :-)     View move 122

Sakai Hideyuki 7p vs. Imamura Toshiya 9p

With 158 white launches a severe attack. But black manages and secures two eyes for his group anyway.     View move 158

Okuda Aya 3d vs. Xie Yimin Female Meijin

Move 104: Beautiful attack, take away black's base and make territory at the same time.     View move 104

Choi Cheolhan 9d vs. Park Yeonghun 9d

61: A typical example of guzumi.     View move 61

Screen shot 2013 03 05 at 4.52.41 pm
Mi Yuting 4d vs. Zhou Ruiyang 9d

Move 63: Great tesuji to create miai     View move 63

Screen shot 2013 01 15 at 11.36.26 am
Shida Tatsuya 5d vs. Cho U Kisei

Move 22: Surprising tenuki in a well known joseki     View move 22

Leesedol daidaigeima
Lee Sedol 9p vs. Gu Li 9p

Lee Sedol wins the samsung cup. Check the daidaigeima at move 8. Also move 74 and 110 are creative!     View move 8

Chen Yaoye 9d vs. Jiang Weijie 9d

Ladder breaker in great style: move 33.     View move 33

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