baduk Two master players
Episode #70 - 22 April 2013 - 5 comments En

Two master players

A game between Go Seigen and Takagawa Kaku is the subject of this episode in a new format. Level: 6k to 5d

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The new format was great. Just be a little careful with the lighting. Loved the content!

On 22 April 2013 by Clizzay -Tygem 5D

Thanks Clizzay, that's good to hear! :-) Any suggestions for a professional game you would like to see us to go through?

On 23 April 2013 by Murugandi

New format is great! Good job!

On 27 April 2013 by Ryo55

Agree!! Loved new format!! Congrats.

On 28 April 2013 by Vince

Many thanks nice video!!

On 06 May 2013 by TyTaLuS

The game between Go Seigen and Takagawa Kaku View sgf Download sgf

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