baduk The weakness of the daidaigeima, part 2
Episode #34 - 05 November 2012

The weakness of the daidaigeima, part 2

We continue our exploration of how to handle the invasion of a daidaigeima shape.

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Niy Yutian 7p - Chen Yaoye 9p: the ladders are good for white, so black plays the keima at move 13 View sgf Download sgf

Park Jungwhan 3p - Lee Changho 9p: almost identical opening to the game between Niu Yutian and Chen Yaoye View sgf Download sgf

Yun Yeong-seon 2p - Mok Chin-seok 3p. Move 24: defending the corner. View sgf Download sgf

Lee Sedol 9p - Choi Wongyong 4p: intense fighting. View sgf Download sgf

Cho Hun-hyeon 9p - Lee Changho 9p. Teacher vs. pupil. View sgf Download sgf

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