baduk Territory vs Thickness
Episode #106 - 04 November 2013 - 3 comments

Territory vs Thickness By Gansheng Shi 1p

Tang Weixing goes for territory against Kim Jiseok who goes for influence. A game from the quarter finals of the 2013 Samsung cup. Level: 5k to 4d

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Your hands shake a bit Peter

On 18 February 2014 by DM

Nice review. One thing that you didn't go over though you almost touched in the review is that concerning white's mentioned connection at 20:06 - Black has the option, after white cuts to sac his two stones and sever the connection to white's center. This seems to really diminish the aji in that area for the price of two stones. What do you think would be white's best option then?

On 24 May 2014 by grolich

Hi Grolich, thanks for your comment. You are right, perhaps we oversimplified the explanation, because saccing the stones for black is a good idea. Instead of capturing black immediately however, white could make a tiger's mouth shape first (M5!) and threaten to either ram through or, if white blocks, to thèn capture the black stones without leaving a cut in his own ones. If black would not block and let white go through, this is a destroyed keima-shape of black, which is very painful. On top of that it looks easy for white to manage escaping: black still needs to be careful with the lower side (his 'attacking stones'), and white can escape into the centre as well. I hope this explanation helps!

On 24 May 2014 by Kim
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