weiqi San-san (part 2)
Episode #12 - 04 June 2012 - 3 comments

San-san (part 2)

This episode continues to explore the various variations which can occur when invading at the 3-3 point (san-san.)

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Black is a bast**d!

On 04 June 2012 by Tomás

I looked at Wang Haiyun vs Yu Bin and absolutely dont understand it. It looks like a blitz between two 5k. Im probably missing tons of subtleties. Maybe you guys can explain a bit in one of your lessons. Thnx

On 07 June 2012 by wjh

i generally have the first kind of reaction! great vid!!

On 06 July 2012 by vladimir putin

Wang Haiyun vs Yu Bin View sgf Download sgf

Tan Yanwu vs Yang Shihai View sgf Download sgf

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