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Episode #157 - 11 August 2014 - 1 comment

Miai counting By Young-sun Yoon 8p

Count, or learn by heart, how many points some common endgame moves are worth! Level: 10k to 2d

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Hi Peter and Kim, thanks for that endgame lecture, but unfortunately you have mistaken something. What you explained is "Deiri" counting or in English "swift value", which is B1-B2 + W1-W2 for B1 = Black's result after Black moves first, B2 = Blacks result after White moves first and vice versa. This kind of counting doesn't take into account the different number of set stones depending on sente or gote. To compare that the Swift value is divided by the Tally (difference in number of set stones). This approach to endgame counting is called "Miai counting" as a satisfactory method to determine the order of moves. Have a good time

On 20 August 2014 by yaya
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