baduk Go around the world: Turkey
Episode #54 - 04 February 2013 - 3 comments Tk

Go around the world: Turkey

We travel to Turkey! To be more specific: to Ankara, where we will discuss a game from the Alpar Kılınç tournament. This tournament is held yearly in memory of the first go player in Turkey. Level: 10k to 2d

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NIce game, Nice Episode! Maybe something from Germany? It has at least one of the biggest Player bases in Europe, I think even the second biggest behind Russia? So I am sure you could somehow get something interesting out of making it your next Go around the World episode :O

On 05 February 2013 by OD

I really enjoyed watching it. Even though I knew the game It feels so much different after your comments. It helps me a lot for understanding a game which is above my level. I also read some comments where stars of this episode Hüsrev and Bertan shared their ideas. I think they also liked it. Thank you very much for making "Go Around The World: Turkey" Bertan Bilen haha sağ altı süper yorumlamış bence. tam olarak içimden geçenleri söylemiş. overplay. tricky play falan. :)) haha I think great comments on the right side. They just said what I was thinking; overplay, tricky play etc. :)) Hüsrev Aksüt ben de beğendim gayet. adamlar iyi (: I also liked it. They are really good Bertan Bilen o değli de hep ezbere oynuyoz ya lan. ezbere oynamadığımız yerde de tricky play falan işte where are always playing memorized sequences dude. When it is not like that its just tricky play etc. ...

On 05 February 2013 by Guclu

Totally like this way of presenting the go history of a country and would have enjoyed to learn much more. Keep this format up and thanks for your good work! :)

On 11 March 2013 by AN

The commented game View sgf Download sgf

Download Turkish subtitles Provided by Güçlü Yılmaz (9k). Go terms explained in Turkish can be found here.

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