weiqi Go around the World: Brazil
Episode #40 - 03 December 2012 - 4 comments

Go around the World: Brazil

This week we visit Brazil, which has a thriving go community. One of the go-centres of the Nihon Ki-in is located in São Paulo.

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Great episode. love it :) maybe you can consider to bring an episode about germany :D

On 03 December 2012 by Alexander

Hi Alexander, nice idea. If you could provide us with some pictures and background information on the history of go in Germany, we could make an episode. Also, the Berliner Kranich tournament was held lately: maybe a good idea to take one of those games and review it in the episode? Do you have any suggestions?

On 09 December 2012 by Kim

I will research for some stuff :)

On 10 December 2012 by Alexander

Very exciting video!!!

On 20 December 2012 by Haruo

The game between Murakami Akihide 2p and Wang Sen Feng 5d View sgf Download sgf

Mimura Tomoyasu 9p vs. Ishida Yoshio 9p. Move 15, a strong fighting option after the joseki, View sgf Download sgf

Piao Wenyao 5p vs. Li Zhe 5p. Move 32: tesuji to make sure white is connected! View sgf Download sgf

Lee Yeongkyu 9p vs. Kim Seongjae 5p. Moves 22 and 25, same joseki as played by our Brazilian friend. View sgf Download sgf

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