weiqi Fan Xiping vs. Shi Ding'an
Episode #43 - 17 December 2012

Fan Xiping vs. Shi Ding'an

Game review of two Chinese master players. Both born in Haining around the year 1710, they would become friends in life, and rivals on the go board.

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Tang Yi 2p - Sun Mengsha 3p. Move 96: tesuji to connect white's stones. View sgf Download sgf

Wang Lei 6p - Liu Xi 3p. At move 117 black plays tenuki, with the connection at move 119 in mind. View sgf Download sgf

Ma Xiaochun 9p - Kobayashi Koichi 9p. With move 79 the Chinese pro puts big pressure on the white group, but white 80 solves the problem! View sgf Download sgf

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